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A DIP switch (Dual In-line Package switch) combines several switches into one unit. It is an electromechanical device that needs an actuator to be physically moved by the user to activate or deactivate a different electrical circuit. Frequently installed on a PCB (printed circuit board) or breadboard (a terminal or base used to build circuits) lets users quickly preconfigure or switch an electronic device between several settings or operational modes. Read More…

DIP Switches A DIP switch is a circuit board with a packaged group of tiny electric switches; these switches are very small manual binary switches, which means that they are either on or off and are operated by physical contact.

Electro-Mech Components designs and manufactures illuminated pushbutton switches and miniature switches plus multiswitch interlocking assemblies and indicator lights. We have an extensive selection of off-the-shelf pushbutton switches plus industrial-grade switches and are always happy to customize.

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Switches Unlimited specializes in new design and replacement of electric switches, industrial components and automation control. They have extensive stocking selection of toggle, miniature, pushbutton, rocker, illuminated switches, relays, proximity, PLC’s and safety controls. Established in 1961, Switches Unlimited represents over 40 leading manufacturers and are a professional leading source...

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Known as an industry innovator, NKK® Switches manufactures toggle switches, rocker switches, pushbutton switches, rotary switches & illuminated switches, specializing in miniature & illuminated. Creator of SmartSwitch™ OLED IS programmable graphic & video switches for interactive applications. Our products are available through distributors and excellent customer service is known worldwide.

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At MELTRIC, our Switch-Rated plugs and receptacles combine the safety and functionality of a disconnect switch with the convenience of a plug and receptacle into one cost-effective, reliable device. These plugs can be safely connected and disconnected under full load. Since 1982, MELTRIC has been dedicated to ensuring electrical and user safety with every product.

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The principle of poles (the number of circuits controlled by a switch) and throws (the number of "ON" positions each switch has) must be taken into account while discussing any switch. A single pole, single throw (SPST) switch is closed to permit current to pass or prevent current flow in an electronic circuit.

SPST Switch

A single pole, double throw (SPDT) switch chooses one of two possible current-flow directions. In other words, shifting the actuator directs current flow in a different circuit branch rather than interrupting it.

SPDT Switch

Double pole, double throw (DPDT) switches use two connected switches to regulate two circuits. Both switches change positions simultaneously when one is toggled. Within its circuit, each switch diverts the current in a different direction. Technically, this configuration allows for numerous poles and throws by connecting several switches.

DPDT Switch

Depending on the application, a switch package may contain 1 to 16 (or more) switch positions. For example, a DIP switch package is typically made of eight places because switches can use 256 binary codes to represent one data byte.

Types of DIP Switches

There are many types of DIP switches available. Below, we discuss a few common DIP switch designs.

Toggle Switch

Toggle switches (switches that you push or flick up or down or left to right to operate) are commonplace DIP switches. Since these switches only have closed or open positions, they function as SPST switches.

Piano DIP Switch

A piano DIP switch is one with a series of "keys" spanning across the unit, which get pushed down to actuate various circuits.

Rotary Dip Switch

Rotary DIP switches toggle positions as the operator rotates the actuator in a circular motion. The switch's output is based on how much it rotates. Up to 16 alternative binary output configurations can be produced by a rotary DIP switch with four output pins. A DIP switch can also set it up as an SPDT device, and a single pole may receive three or four throws.

16-Position Rotary DIP Switch

A 16-position rotary DIP switch's output combination is specified by a hexadecimal code consisting of 16 symbols. Numbers 0 to 9 are followed by letters A to form the hexadecimal code.

There are three-position slide DIP switches, commonly set as on/off/on, with a neutral location in the middle and contacts at either end. Any DIP switch can function normally closed (NC) or usually open (NO). When activated, normally open switches complete the circuit, whereas normally closed switches sever the circuit. Other varieties of DIP switches include seesaw-style rocker actuators. Lifting one side of the actuator lowers the other when the switching mechanism is in any of its two locations. They are merely another variant of the standard toggle switch as a result.

Key DIP Switch Specifications

Actual performance and specification details for each DIP switch are available in manufacturer datasheets. This knowledge is essential for selecting the ideal DIP switch for a certain application. In addition, there are other parameters to keep in mind besides the obvious ones, like the number of positions and actuator type.

DIP Switch Applications

For many years, DIP switches have been utilized in many applications. As a quick approach to preconfigure or reprogram a device before it is implemented in a smart home or factory, they have even discovered new uses for IoT (Internet of Things)-compatible devices, limiting downtime. The following are some of the most typical uses for DIP switches:

  • setting up garage door openers
  • setting up remote controls
  • setting up options on motherboards or expansion cards for computers
  • adding devices to an IoT network
  • performing configuration checks on industrial equipment without turning it on


The DIP switch was initially developed as an easy way to modify an electronic system's circuits. They permit an individual user or manufacturing-stage configuration modifications. Due to their low cost and simplicity of usage, they continue to be well-suited in various

electromechanical devices, even if the development of software switches and user interfaces has decreased their widespread use over time. By comprehending DIP switches and the available variations, these devices can be set up to carry out particular tasks and to even talk to other compatible devices.

Choosing the Right DIP Switch Supplier

To ensure you have the most productive outcome when purchasing DIP switches from a DIP switch supplier, it is important to compare several companies using our directory of DIP switch companies. Each DIP switch supplier has a business profile page that highlights their areas of experience and capabilities, along with a contact form to directly communicate with the supplier for more information or request a quote. Review each DIP switch business website using our patented website previewer for a better understanding of what each business specializes in. Then, use our simple RFQ form to contact multiple DIP switch companies with the same form.

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