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Electric switches are devices which are used to open or close electrical circuits. These switches are made in a variety of different styles and configurations. However, in recent industry news there has been a discovery of an electronic switch that is only three atoms thick. This ultra-thin material is not only extremely small but also allows for a high degree of flexibility. The material is composed of crystalline elements that can easily perform tasks like a traditional switch, toggling between different electrical states. The crystal material can be manipulated into two different atomic structures where one structure conducts electricity and the other blocks electric currents.

If all goes well with the development of this material then this product can be utilized in a number of industries which would benefit from a flexible, ultra-thin electronic switch. Theoretically, these switches could be used in batteries to reduce how these batteries drain power. It is even theorized that this material can embedded into fabrics due to the fiber-like structure of the crystals. This will allow for the possibility of creating “smart clothing” which will have electronics integrated into the clothing.

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